Streetwear Icons: Exploring the Style of Influential Figures

Written by Zlaata Fashion


Posted on May 13 2024

Yo, what’s good Zlaata Fashion gang? We’re back again, and this time we’re diving into the world of the coolest cats and iconic trendsetters who are rocking the streetwear game like no other. We all know by now how streetwear  has taken over the world by storm, with its oversized silhouettes, bold colour palettes, and graphic artwork. So get ready for a LIT journey into some of the famous figures and their dope styles in this streetwear game. Oh also, don’t forget to use this as a jumping board to get inspired the next time you step out!


Starting with the King of Bollywood rap music, Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia more commonly known as Badshah has a style you cannot miss. He’s the epitome of street style and you can always see him in his statement oversized Puffer Jackets, Cargo Pants, Sneakers, Chains, and more. You can call him the perfect face for the ‘HypeBeast or High Fashion’ category of streetwear, as discussed in our ‘Streetwear Simplified: Exploring The Origin And Sub-Genres’ blog.

Over time, his impact on streetwear fashion has been significant, steering away from conventional styles. He showcased the art of embracing vibrant hues, mixing diverse patterns, and blending street fashion with formal attire.

Dulquer Salman

This Indian actor, producer, and singer carries his streetwear vibe effortlessly. His signature loose-fitting everyday attire sets him apart, complementing his keen eye for detail. You would find that most of his posts on social media are a canvas for his simple yet stylish fashion sense, perfectly merging comfort with flair. He loves trying out Plain or Graphic tees, Jackets, Hoodies, Joggers, Shades, and more.

Image Credits: Facebook/@DQSalmaan, Instagram/@dqsalmaan

Remo D’Souza

One of the top choreographers in the film industry, Remo D’Souza has been seen wearing streetwear since his early days. Most of his style consists of chic silhouettes with loud colours and prints. He has a distinct dancing style that adds to his persona and comes naturally in all his looks.

The team at Zlaata Fashions has identified bucket hats and sneakers as his go-to add-ons. And we’ll let you know that Mr. Remo here is a complete sneaker-head, with a separate collection  solely used for hip-hop dancing. He’s also known for owning sneakers worth 40,000 dollars. Can you picture that?

Image Credits: Instagram/@remodsouza

Kajal Singh

Presenting to you India’s first female graffiti artist and one of our favourites - Kajal Singh, who also goes by ‘Dizy’. While she’s busy painting the walls of many cities from Delhi to Berlin, where she’s currently based; we are taking a dive into her clothing style. You’ll notice that she has a casual street style, with super loud and bold colours and prints just like her graffiti art. From Bomber Jackets to Jumpsuits to short Denim and Sweatpants - her style covers the whole range, all while looking stylish and in-trend.

Anirudh Ravichandran

While he might be the shining star of music, this Indian music composer has a bang-on fashion sense. His experimentative and versatile street style is something to get inspired from. Be it Overalls, Bomber Jackets, or Denims; Anirudh has a semi-formal yet comfortable style. If you’re confused about what to wear when you step out, let this singer be your streetwear  guru.

Image Credits: Instagram/@anirudhofficial, Pinterest/@Abirah1728


Agrita Dhawan or Agsy - a 26-year-old rapper, also dabbling as a composer, lyricist, and director has a contemporary street style just like her music. Apart from the usual baggy fits and sports looks, something that is unique to Agsy is her crazy experimentative hairstyles. Oh, did you know she was the only female rapper to get entry into the top 15 in season 1 of ‘MTV Hustle’, a rap reality show.

Sanchit Kalra

Keeping the best for the last, this IITians insta feed can easily become your go-to inspo for streetwear styling. His edgy street drip experiments with all sub-genres of streetwear from Skate Style to Techwear, High Fashion, and Modern. With a neutral and mature colour palette and essential pieces, San Kalra has an inspiring range of styles for you to adapt from.

Image Credits: Instagram/@sankalra

Coming to a close, we can see how over the years, streetwear keeps on growing, staying evergreen  amidst changing fashion tides. It's more than just a trend—it's a timeless part of our daily wardrobe. Let's honour the style legends of yesteryears and keep the streetwear vibe alive, making it our own, day after day.