Who we are?

Research, Brainstorm, and Hard work - our parallel to Blood, Sweat, and Tears - is how Zlaata Fashion was built. Created over a long period and finally launched on October 9th of 2023, our streetwear label has been a dream in the making for years together. At Zlaata Fashion, you can find a curation of highly skilled people, high-quality fabrics, sustainable manufacturing methods, and much more. 

The idea behind Zlaata Fashion came up during a brainstorming session when a lack was spotted: In-vouge and crazy designs made in premium fabrics but at affordable prices for the minimalistic individual. As for our illustrations, we wanted to convert the creativity and weirdness of what our minds would make up in our dreams/nightmares to actual reality through our artworks. Our main aim is to provide Indian folks with this combination in their everyday wear through a range of T-shirts, Oversized Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Crop Tops, and much more. 

We at Zlaata Fashions are proud of following a made-to-order production model, avoiding bulk production, and keeping the production chain sustainable. We also create unique, thoughtful, and seasonless designs for all.

Be a part of the Zlaata Fashion gang by visiting our website www.zlaatafashion.com, and don’t forget to support us on our social media pages: Zlaata_fashion.